Hero Image Of Jessamine in leather jacket
Headshot of Jessamine in denim shirt

Jessamine is a Los Angeles-based actor,  working in indie film and commercials since 2014. Some of her films have been in festivals and can be found on Amazon Prime, but many have died slow, lack-of-funding deaths or editing room meltdowns. Every part of the process brings her joy and fulfilment, though, especially collaboration.  She lives for stories, and her acting is always in their service. She finds herself drawn to put-together characters falling apart, women struggling with self awareness, quiet fighters, spies, rebels, and unexpected weirdos.

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Black and white image of Jessamine holding forehead in model pose
Jessamine in white outfit in the jungle
Model shot of Jessamine in white blouse
Jessamine in black leather jacket. Model pose
Commercial shot of Jessamine staring our of car window.
Jessamine in all white looking at camera
Jessamine in white looking at camera
Headshot of Jessamine